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Living Through the Seasons of Grief

 While I might not know your name, I understand the pain of grief. I also know the relief of healing. It is my prayer to wrap you in the warm blanket of God’s healing grace. Follow the blogs that can become a friend to lean on with your pain and begin to experience God’s comfort.

Comfort for your grieving heart

Mourning Mother’s Day

Whether you are a mother who is mourning for a child or you are a child who is mourning for a mother, or you are a mother who is mourning for BOTH a child and a mother, waking up this morning means facing some challenging and significant pain.  I woke up with you on...

Anticipating the Resurrection

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to visit our son’s 32 year old grave.  Each time I come to the little bench that sits under the shading oak next to his headstone, I find myself in a different emotional, mental, physical and spiritual composition.  I’ve learned to go...

Comforting others takes just a little extra insight.

Your Personal Gift to the Grieving

So You're Uncomfortable ~ Do you know why you feel uncomfortable and awkward about reaching out to a grieving friend?  There are probably many reasons, but the one I want us to think about as we race through the holidays, is this:  We use our own paradigm to guide our...

A New Christmas Perspective

Christmas is almost here! What an amazing time of year.....YES, an amazing time of year. I’m not sure it is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” for those who grieve, but it is amazing.  What amazes me is the human capacity to feel loss in the midst of decorations,...

I’ve saved the blog you wrote about my Dad’s funeral and how it affects generations.  Thanks so much for capturing a meaningful part of our family’s grief. 


Steve and Karen thanks for sharing from your hearts. You have led the way helping so many through their journeys of grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Our mission is to be a supportive and compassionate companion for those who grieve and helpful, encouraging insight for those who comfort them.

It is our desire that this web site become one of your shared resources when you meet a grieving friend.  Our second, yet equally important goal is to offer significant and relevant information so that CfD remains one of your go-to places for your own benefit.