Meet Steve & Karen

Steve & Karen Nicola

(circa 1977)

We’d like to introduce ourselves . . .

We are out-going, conversationalists who delight in meeting new friends and cherishing time together with the ones that share our history. Together we enjoy exquisite international foods, great music, and leaning into the curves on our Goldwing motorcycle.  At rare times you can find Steve faithfully connected on social media and Karen cozy with a coloring book. Our adult children and granddaughters are our heart’s dearest treasure.

Nearly 40 years combined classroom teaching experience has prepared us for this deeply satisfying work. But it was the death of our precious 3 year old son, Dawson that exposed us to the need to discover healthy grief options.  Over 30 years ago we leaned heavily into our faith in God to survive the fierce storms of grief. Today, we love the work of helping others discover tools necessary to cooperate with God’s faithful healing for their broken hearts.   We also created workshops to educate well-meaning friends with skills to confidently step close and comfort those who grieve.

Karen’s roll in the team is speaker, workshop instructor, grief coach, and author. Steve brings the male perspective to our workshops.  In addition he shares valuable wisdom and utilizes his skills as a terrific listener.  As the Director of sales for our book, Comfort for the Day, Living Through the Seasons of Grief, he arranges for personal and bulk orders. It is our passion to show up in life’s painful places with real help for really hurting people.

The Backstory

Dawson Tesla Nicola, named after his father and grandfather, was our beautiful, blond, blue-eyed gentle little guy.  The news of his illness came in the midst of a major move from Alaska to Montana.  This period of our lives found us homeless, jobless, without insurance, pregnant with second child and a very ill first-born. Leukemia knocked on the door of our son’s body at age 2.  At 3 ½, Leukemia walked out with our little guy in Its icy cold grip of death.

The ache in my body, mind, and heart was overwhelming.  Was there any comfort for the relentless, chaffing pain? Where could I go for relief that would help heal my broken heart?  People in pain can become desperate.  I began to spill out my pain in heart wrenching words to God, written in a spiral note-book.  Soon I discovered that the process of thoughts rushing from my mind, flowing down my shoulder and arm, finally escaping through my fingers holding the pen, was in fact an experience of profound solace. This method of emotional pain relief became my daily habit; at times utilizing my journal several times within 24 hours.  

I also searched for hope, healing, and relief in Scripture.  I discovered comfort in so many places in that ancient collection of stories of others who have wrestled with God ahead of me.  Daily I poured out my pain on paper,  adding the messages of comfort and encouragement that can from the Word of God.  As I copied them from the pages of my Bible into my note-book, I felt not only a relief from my pain, but hope and courage to continue my grieving work.  With renewed assurances that God understood my suffering and was committed to being with me through it, I  chose to keep living through the seasons of my grief.

Could I keep this experience to myself?  Not at all . . .

The Book

Therefore, Comfort for the Day, Living Through the Seasons of Grief is available to you.  It is both the title of our book and our business.  Our mission is to offer one of the best healing tools for those who grieve.  The book, Comfort for the Day, is a way of bringing the reader personalized healing that endures forever.  It becomes the reader’s story of how God is faithful to heal your broken heart.

Comfort for the Day is a  truly useful book that friends, ministries, businesses, and care providers will be confident giving  to the bereaved.  Ordering your book directly from CfD means you receive a higher quality paper and a better binding than if you order elsewhere online.


The ache in my body, mind, and heart was overwhelming.  Was there any comfort for the relentless, chaffing pain? Where could I go for relief that would help heal my broken heart?


Restoring Your Joy,
after the the season of grief! 

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Our mission is to be a supportive and compassionate companion for those who grieve and helpful, encouraging insight for those who comfort them.

It is our desire that this web site become one of your shared resources when you meet a grieving friend.  Our second, yet equally important goal is to offer significant and relevant information so that CfD remains one of your go-to places for your own benefit.