Grief Education


Who is Your Role Model for Healthy Grief?

I often ask others, “Who was or is your role model for healthy grief?”  As I wait for their reply, I can see their mental rolodex whirling through the list of significant people in their lives.  Nearly 100% respond, “I don’t have anyone.”

As a grief educator I am passionate about raising grief awareness so that we, as a culture, can be better prepared to grieve well and/or support someone who is grieving.  These are the ways you can learn about grief or grief support from our services:

  • Video
  • Blogs
  • Facebook posts
  • Articles
  • Cards and book
  • Grief coaching
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • In the workplace
  • For the Spiritual community

As we meet “new friends,” Steve and I are open to join in any conversation about loss, broken hearts, trauma, sorrow, and mourning.  We find that people want and need to talk about their pain.  We are willing to listen and they are relieved to be heard.

2 Primary Focuses for our Grief Education

  1. First we want those who grieve to learn how to grieve well, since few have had a positive role model. We offer practical healthy grief options; teaching those who mourn the most current and reliable information about grief, healthy grief options, and physical and spiritual realities for the varied seasons of grief. Grieving well means being intentional about interacting with one’s suffering in ways that bring relief to your broken heart.  The goal is to learn how to use tangible tools for moving towards a healthy emotional adjustment to the loss.
  2. Second, yet equal in importance is our interest in training people to become skillful comforters for the grieving. It is possible to learn new skill sets to confidently support others going through their grief. We can learn what is best to say or not say when we are with a grieving friend or stranger.  Whether in the workplace or in a spiritual community, all benefit by becoming skillful at supporting and comforting those who grieve.

So glad you’ve come this far in learning how Comfort for the Day can help you.  Keep going to discover more.



Our mission is to be a supportive and compassionate companion for those who grieve and helpful, encouraging insight for those who comfort them.

It is our desire that this web site become one of your shared resources when you meet a grieving friend.  Our second, yet equally important goal is to offer significant and relevant information so that CfD remains one of your go-to places for your own benefit.