Grief Coaching

I often think of grief as a journey through an unfamiliar, pathless forest.  The fears of the unknown accompanied with the absence of fellow travelers can leave the grieving trapped in isolated pain, unsure of the direction to take that will bring them relief.  This is why I became a grief coach.  I want to travel with you as a personal guide through the thick underbrush of confusion, fears and anguish.

This is very sacred work for me.  If you entrust your broken heart to me in this process, I will carry it with the grace that comes from God. Together we will discover God’s faithful plan to heal your broken heart it will take you from suffering to adjustment of your loss and healing that will make you stronger than before.

I believe that no one should travel this dark and overwhelming path alone. As a grief coach, it is my goal to guide my clients towards healing and completion of unresolved aspects of their relationship with their deceased loved one. Here is one client’s testimonial . . .

“Words can never convey how much I appreciate your time and aid in the final process of grief healing. Over the past two years I have worked with others to bring closure to the trauma of loss from a car accident. What a special gift you gave to me in helping me let go of the unresolved grief I was holding. The pain from so many losses in my life caused me to get stuck. I thank you for showing me the steps to move from the dark hole these losses had created, into light and forward with anticipation to the next step.”  DN

My experience has helped me discover that phone, Skype or Apple’s “FaceTime” coaching is very effective. 

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Our mission is to be a supportive and compassionate companion for those who grieve and helpful, encouraging insight for those who comfort them.

It is our desire that this web site become one of your shared resources when you meet a grieving friend.  Our second, yet equally important goal is to offer significant and relevant information so that CfD remains one of your go-to places for your own benefit.